Add a Protective Coat to Your Vehicle

Add a Protective Coat to Your Vehicle

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You can give your car the ultimate upgrade by choosing our automotive ceramic coating. Platinum Plus Auto Detailing works with top-notch materials to give your car's exterior a protective layer. We're well-equipped to take care of this special process. You can choose between our six-year protective coating warranty or our lifetime warranty. For both options, we recommend annual checkups.

Six year or lifetime protection with warranty. Anual reminders registered by Platinum Plus thru CarFax, with vehicle history of being ceramic coated. The combination of clay bar, polish, and wax sealed with professional ceramic coating will reveal a glossy mirror reflection and protection that will last 6 to 10 years. Embellish the glossy reflection by adding a second clear coat with Professional Strength Ceramic Coating. You'll be mesmerized by the extreme show room shine that all car euthanasia desire for.

Please note: All paint imperfections will need to be lifted from the clear coat of the vehicle before Professional Ceramic Coating is applied. Platinum Plus will NOT void sellers warranty without correcting any paint imperfections before applying. This includes, but not limited to, touch up paint, wet sanding, clay barring, polish, and compounding.

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Hide the scratches and scuffs of years gone by

Cars were meant to be driven, not stowed away in a garage. Unfortunately, that can mean that you've got places on your vehicle where the paint is chipped, peeling or scratched. That's where we come in. We can help with automotive paint correction to get your car back to better-than-new condition.

Before applying the ceramic coat to your car, we will correct any imperfections to the clear coat of the paint. This will include touch up paint, primer, wet sanding, compounding, and polishing. That way the final product will look perfect.

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