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Illuminate your path with a headlight restoration in Slingerlands, NY

Over time, your headlights can become fogged and clouded. Platinum Plus Auto Detailing offers headlight restoration services as well as a variety of additional auto detailing work. Headlight restoration is important because it improves your visibility on the road.

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Give your car the attention it needs

There are many ways to improve the condition of your vehicle. You can count on us to maintain the gleaming, gorgeous appearance of your car. Some ways we can do that include:

  • Performing steam extraction to lift dirt and grime from your carpeting
  • Correcting the paint chips and scratches
  • Shining your rims and tires

We do a lot to make your car look like new, including wet sanding and compounding. Polishing removes swirl marks, light scratches and oxidation. It also smooths down the clear coat, which helps to reflect sunlight after the imperfections are filled in with car wax.

We apply carnauba wax with 8- or 6-inch microfiber hook-and-loop foam pads. Plus, we use 3-inch foam pads for areas like the bumper, truck and door jams. Wax protects the paint by acting like a sunscreen. It helps deter oxidation from UV rays, reduces light scratches, helps repel water and grime and, most importantly, protects the paint and clear coat from rust by conditioning the finish.

Normally, waxes last roughly 90 to 180 days before another coat is needed. Steady maintenance will provide longevity of the paint, which makes selling or trading easier for you.

When cleaning and conditioning the interior of the vehicle, we use leather and vinyl cleaners to remove contaminants from the pores of the material. This also protects your car interior from UV rays, which can cause fading, drying and cracking of the leather and vinyl. That way, you can avoid the sun damage that decreases the value of your car.

Conditioning will add moisture and brighten the appearance of your leather and vinyl. Afterward, we use detailing sprays to enhance the look and seal up the pores in the vinyl and leather. This combination of the three products when used every 90 days or so will keep your car's interior looking brand-new and smelling great like you just purchased it.

You can always speak to a representative about our wide range of automotive services. Contact us today to learn more about headlight restoration, steam extraction and other services we perform for clients in Slingerlands, NY and the surrounding areas.