15% Discount for all NY state employees and military members!

15% Discount for all NY state employees and military members!

Touch Up Your Vehicle

Visit our shop for auto detailing in Slingerlands, NY

Platinum Plus Auto Detailing can provide all the auto detailing services you need, including exterior detailing, compounding, sanding, and other serices. Our auto detailing shop will make sure that every part of your vehicle is optimized, and we will work to enhance your vehicle's features.

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Think of us when you want to enhance your vehicle

If you are looking to embellish your car's features, we can help. Our automotive services cover a wide range of ways to enhance the look of your car. You can count on for:

Exterior and interior auto detailing services
Professional automotive ceramic coating to your exterior
Headlight restoration
Vacuuming and shampooing of carpets
Polish, wet sanding, carnauba, and steam cleaning of all fabrics & upholstery

If there are excessive stains to your carpets and floor mats, we will charge an additional fee. An additional fee will also be charged for excessive pet hair.

Contact us today to go over our full list of automotive services available throughout Slingerlands, NY.

What makes Platinum Plus Auto Detailing right for you?

Whether we're getting imperfections out of your paint or cleaning your carpets, we're dedicated to doing the best job possible. Luxury car owners love coming back to us again and again whenever they need auto detailing. We can make your BMW, Tesla or Escalade sparkle.

What we do is more than just cleaning. We enhance the best features of your vehicle. Our auto detailing shop is fully licensed and insured. Our services are available throughout Slingerlands, NY and the surrounding areas.